Self-analysis of blood, blood sugar, glycate and cholesterol (HDL, LDL, PT)…

You don’t go to the pharmacy just to get medicines, but also to take care of yourself and your health. Health is a precious asset, it must be protected and cared for, and it is the purpose of our pharmacy to offer services to support you in this aim.
The analysis centre of the Simius Pharmacy offers a range of health analysis services in order to help you assess your state of health and help you to have a better life. Among the self-analysis solutions we can offer, here are the main ones:

  • blood tests
  • blood sugar tests
  • analysis of glycated hemoglobin
  • self-analysis of HDL, LDL cholesterol…

With self-analysis it is possible to periodically and quickly monitor a series of indicators, with simple tests that serve to prevent the onset or worsening of chronic complications.

For further information regarding self-analysis services, come and visit us at the pharmacy. Our qualified and well-mannered pharmacists will be waiting for you, always offering maximum professionalism and courtesy as they advise and assist you.

Self-testing in the pharmacy

With us, there is no need to queue or wait for a long time, self-testing is sufficient for checking on some parameters.

Competence and courtesy

Ask for advice from our pharmacists – we assist you with competence and courtesy in your various health needs.

Practical and painless

With a simple self-analysis examination, a variety of precise analyses can be carried out practically and painlessly.


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