coeliac disease

Products for coeliacs

In the pharmacy there is a well-stocked and rich department dedicated to coeliacs, with many gluten-free food products for those who are struggling with the problem of coeliac disease, which can affect any age group. In the Simius Pharmacy in Villasimius, among the various gluten-free food products for coeliacs, we offer:

  • pasta
  • rice
  • bread
  • cereals
  • desserts
  • snacks
  • biscuits

Thanks to the selection of products, those suffering from coeliac disease find useful assistance in incorporating healthy products in their diet that do not disregard taste preferences, because taste and health must not be perceived as contradictory

Gluten-Free Products

Gluten-free products, foods suitable for coeliacs, healthy and authentic, good for health and for the palate.

Gluten-free foods

Gluten-free foods, bread, rolls, pasta and rice, desserts, biscuits, snacks, drinks, from the best brands.

Intolerance to gluten

Coeliac disease is a condition of permanent intolerance to gluten (a protein substance).


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