Food intolerances can be tested for at the Simius Pharmacy. Discovering any food intolerances present allows you to follow a suitable diet.

Food intolerances are suspected when there are certain disturbances which it has not been possible to identify following specific diagnostic and laboratory tests.Here are some of the disturbi ailments caused by food intolerances (the most common ones):

  • tiredness
  • drowsiness
  • digestive difficulties
  • irritability
  • colitis
  • aerophagy
  • migraine
  • urticaria

Our advice is to consult your doctor for any type of ailment or health problem. We also remind you that in order to stay healthy and better preserve your well-being, it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise.

When a food intolerance test , is requested or recommended, our pharmacy is on hand with a special service – an innovative and painless test capable of identifying whether any intolerances towards foods or groups of foods may exist.

Intolerance testing

Painless intolerance test to identify the body’s adverse reactions to certain foods or groups of foods.

Coeliac disease

In the pharmacy we also have a department dedicated to gluten free food products, which can be consumed by coeliacs.

Food products

A dedicated section in the pharmacy offers food products, specific products for various intolerances, foods for diabetics and for other special diets…

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