Sale and rental of orthopaedic aids

The Simius Pharmacy offers solutions to the orthopaedic sector with helpful aids for the disabled, with the sale and rental of orthopaedic aids..

We have a wide selection of orthopaedic and sanitary items for sale, but also with the possibility of renting, providing a range of products that is always up to date.

For every need related to the orthopaedics sector, we supply crutches, walking sticks, tripods, wheelchairs, orthopaedic hospital beds, walking frames and stair lifts.

We use the Gibaud and Gibaud Ortho Line for the sale of knee and ankle supports, braces, cervical collars and hernial belts for orthopaedic well-being and the correction of ailments.

We are also widely supplied with corsetry and medical knitwear, with products such as girdles, corsets, busts, post-operative belts, pregnancy and breastfeeding underwear, graduated compression stockings and post-operative stockings. 

Rental of wheelchairs, rollers, convalescence beds, beach aids 

For every need related to orthopaedics and home care, we offer for sale or rent sanitary articles and orthopaedic aids, wheelchairs, rollers, convalescence beds, beach wheelchairs (suitable for the transport of disabled and elderly people by the sea and on the beach) and more. Here aresome of the products:

  • crutches, sticks and tripods
  • wheelchairs
  • orthopaedic hospital beds
  • walking frames and stair lifts.

We use effective brands that offer excellent quality products, we also sell:

  • knee supports
  • ankle supports
  • braces
  • cervical collars
  • hernia belts..

RMade to measure orthotics with baropodometric examination

Simius Pharmacy carries out baropodometric examinations for the creation of customised orthotics.

Baropodometric examination is an indispensable tool for the study of the foot and body posture. This exam can be static, analysing posture, as well as dynamic for walking and the weights involved.

The baropodometry analysis is performed via specialised devices to detect the exact measurements for a custom-made orthopaedic insole.

The baropodometry analysis is carried out again one year later, to check for improvements in the patient..

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