Home delivery

The Simius Pharmacy is always at the disposal of the customer, offering maximum professionalism and courtesy in its sales service and also providing advice for health and well-being. Among its various services, there is the home delivery services.

This service is aimed at those who need treatment but cannot go to the pharmacy the sick, disabled or elderly..
The service also covers the rental of wheelchairs and walking aids, supports for convalescence and more.

Breast pump rental

The breast pump rental service offered by the pharmacy allows you to have and use an efficient and professional tool, an electric breast pump, easy to use and clean, which allows the extraction of milk in a comfortable and safe way
In general, the use of a breast pump is required when, for various reasons, the infant cannot attach to the breast.

This tool is used to draw breast milk and then make it available to the infant for breastfeeding.

Blood pressure equipment calibration service

The Simius Pharmacy can measure your blood pressure and also offers a calibration service for blood pressure measuring devices..

Instruments for measuring blood pressure must be correctly calibrated in order to do their job well.
Instruments used to check blood pressure such as sphygmomanometers and wrist or arm blood pressure monitors will always be precise and perfectly calibrated, thanks to the calibration service.

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