Telemedicine services

Telemedicine can make a concrete contribution to improving the quality of health e and healthcare, since it facilitates remote diagnosis and medical advice.

Thecardiology telemedicine service for example, consists in the possibility of sending electrocardiogram results to a reporting centre, where cardiologists read the data provided and offer a report with the diagnosis.

We offer the following telemedicine services for cardiovascular diseases, to monitor and manage the state of your health:

  • telemedicine with cardiologist report
  • electrocardiogram telemedicine
  • ECG test telemedicine
  • telemedicine for pressure measuring with a Holter monitor…

For people suffering from cardiovascular pathologies but who can on the whole lead a normal life, regular monitoring of some vital parameters allows effective prevention and minimises the risk of complications arising.

As pharmacists, we are committed to ensuring that each of our patients can take advantage of the most useful innovations in the health sector , and can obtain information on the state of their health as promptly as possible.


An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a recording of the electrical activity of the heart.

ECG with a Holter monitor

The Holter ECG is used to monitor the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time (typically 24-48 hours).

Blood pressure with a Holter monitor

Exam that records multiple blood pressure measurements throughout the day, over a period of 24 hours.

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